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Our Vision
Mountain & River Adventures is helping to create a world in balance with itself. Through our services on public lands, diverse people become more aware and connected to themselves, each other, and nature. Through providing education and adventure services that help people experience themselves fully in nature, memories and new skills become tools which are depended and reflected on to make healthy decisions in day-to-day lives. Our communities respect and care for the outdoors, and our natural environment sustains us for generations to come.


Our Mission
Mountain & River Adventures creates pure, fun experiences — connecting people with nature and each other, through diverse adventure options that suit the individual.


Our Stewardship Vision
People are aware and connected to themselves, each other and nature.  People are able to derive positive energy from their work and play.  People can escape to a healthy world of adventure, fun and great memories.  Through utilizing opportunities to experience ourselves in nature, our memories and skills become tools which we can depend and reflect on, helping us make good decisions in our day-to-day lives.  Our communities, both locally and globally, respect the outdoors.


As local residents and business owners in the Kern River Valley we have a strong philosophy about the Stewardship of our forest and community.  We wish to encourage sensible use of the Forest and seek to encourage other responsible, like-minded individuals to come share in our vision for our community.  It is such a necessary part of our business and our lives that we invite each of our customers and business partners to share in and be part of our Stewardship Vision; where the world is in balance.  Please join us!

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