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How to stay warm on Spring Rafting tours!

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

C O T T O N is NOT your friend on the Kern River during Spring rafting tours! Queue the synthetic fibers that you have spent the past year ditching from your wardrobe, in favor of cotton, because synthetics are the key to warmth while Spring paddling on the Kern.

Cotton holds the cold next to your skin and makes it hard to stay warm, where synthetic fibers actually wick or pull the moisture away from your skin. This is why layering during cooler weather sports is fundamental. Below you will find Mountain & River Adventures' top tips for staying warm during Spring rafting on the Kern River!

Base Layer

Polypropylene, affectionately known around the river community as Polypro, is ideal and you can easily find long underwear made from this material. If you run cold and are worried about staying warm, you could also bring a fleece layer to wear on top of your polypro, however you will want to make sure that you can move easily with all these layers on. And remember, once you get paddling, you will warm up from the energy you are creating. Repeat after me, C O T T O N is not my friend during Spring paddling!

Insulating Layer(s)

Neoprene, as in wetsuit material. Our rental wetsuits are called Farmer John's or Jane's because they are sleeveless which allow unrestricted arm and shoulder movement and keep you oh-so-warm! If you own a wetsuit bring it, borrow one, or, we rent them and carry all sizes. We top our wetsuits with a Splash Jacket that features a neck and wrist gasket to keep your torso warm and dry. Splash jackets double as wind-breakers too if it happens to be windy that day!


It's also important to keep your feet, head and hands warm! A beanie, skullcap or balaclava will fit easily under our adjustable helmets. Wool socks can provide an extra layer of warmth for your feet, and should be thin, to fit easily under your wetsuit booties. Gloves with a palm grip like weight-lifting or cycling gloves will add an extra layer of protection and let your hands grip the paddle easily without slipping.

Staying warm on cool weather adventures is key and we want you to have all the advantages! Hopefully this information helps you prepare well for your Spring rafting adventure on the Kern River with Mountain & River Adventures this season! Shoot us a quick email if you have questions or wish to rent any of our gear for your next rafting tour. See you on the Kern!


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