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Spring Special for Kern River camping

Experience the beauty of the Kern River this spring and enjoy 25% off your Kern River camping fee when you book two consecutive nights, for camping before May 15, 2024.

Camping discount automatically applied on new camping reservations for now through May 15, 2024. Reserve soon so you don't miss out on this limited time offer!




Thank you for being a Camper who Cares! Planning for success in the outdoors includes little changes like packing trash bags so that your group can leave our wild spaces cleaner than you found them. Think scavenger hunt and have everyone in your group canvas the area you have just used whether it be for "day use" or overnight camping and get everyone to participate in leaving the space better than you found it. This teaches and mentors campers of all ages to respect and treat the outdoors with the care that it deserves.

What does it mean that Sequoia National Forest does not allow glass on the Forest? Simply that you need to pack and shop a little bit different. Use plastic storage containers, ziploc bags, cans, or metal containers for camping gear and kitchen supplies instead of glass. Transfer those bottles of wine into a bota bag instead of bringing glass to camp.

Always practice Leave No Trace (en Español) principles and pack out what you pack in. See our park's Kern River camping etiquette tips.


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