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An Amazing 34 Years on the Kern

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Kern River rafting outfitters: Kern River Outfitters, Sierra South, or Whitewater Voyages.

Come unplug, relax and camp at the Kern River’s Edge Campground Retreat.

Paddle High Five and thank you for your Support!

After 34 wonderful years of offering whitewater rafting and adventure tours to fun, adventurous guests like you, we are excited to announce that Mountain & River Adventures is flowing into a campground and venue business only, called Kern River's Edge Campground Retreat. We will miss seeing all your smiling, excited faces as you return from a great adventure on the water or the mountain. We will miss all those fantastic tales from your first paddling tour on the Kern or riding an epic trail with us! What does this mean for you? If you were our Rafting guest, you will now be calling Kern River Outfitters, Sierra South, or Whitewater Voyages to book your whitewater fun. Let us know if you need help identifying the best outfitter for your group, we are happy to make a recommendation for you. And we would love to see you too, so please consider camping with us and paddling with one of our outfitter friends! Come unplug, relax and camp along the Kern River’s edge at Kern River’s Edge Campground Retreat. If you were a Mountain Bike guest you have a couple of shuttle options. Many of you already know how easy it is to ride back to our campground, after a challenging ride on the epic Cannell Trail, to relax, tell stories and do some fishing at the river’s edge. If you are our Camping guest, nothing is changing except our name! You can continue to visit our beautiful, private park along the edge of the Kern River. Our camp sites are spacious, our restrooms are sparkling clean, and with everyone working collectively, we get to see hundreds of camping guests each week who are inspired to use Leave No Trace principles as we all relax, unplug and enjoy the Kern together. Looking for an outdoor venue for a special birthday, family reunion, gathering or celebration? Our Grove and Pavilion are perfect outdoor venues for your next outdoor gathering! Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to helping you relax, unplug and rejuvenate at the Kern River’s Edge. If you have a great adventure memory to share with us, we would love to hear about the first time you paddled the Kern, or bombed JO or Cannell. Let us hear from you! We would also like to take a moment to say “thank you” to each of our wonderful guides and crew here at MRA. Over the years we’ve gotten to know so many fun, inspiring adventurers and we just appreciate the care, encouragement, swimmer adventures, and swimmer stories of paddling guests being plucked out of the majestic Kern River! We thank our crew, and we thank you, our loyal customers, for a great run of 34 years on the Kern.

Come unplug, relax, and camp along the Kern River’s edge, at Kern River’s Edge Campground Retreat. Join us! Thank you, John, Rhonda & Sebastian Stallone

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