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3 insider tips you should know when camping in Kernville

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

Thinking about camping in Kernville this season? We think that’s a great idea. But before you book a campground and start packing the ice chest, we’ve laid out 3 of our favorite insider tips.

Take a look at our insider tips regarding camping in Kernville, CA, and as always – reach out to us if you have any questions.

Ewings is perfect for people watching

Ewings is a restaurant situated on the cliffs of the Kern River. With plenty of amazing cocktails and brews and a wide variety of meals to choose from, it’s a great spot to check out (especially if you’ve had your fill of hot dogs and eggs at your campground in Kernville). On top of this, Ewings overlooks the rapids of the Kern River, and there are a ton of tubers floating down the river throughout the day. As you eat or drink at Ewings, you can have a great time as you watch the tubers float, flip, and cruise on by.

3-day weekends vs. regular weekends

If you’re debating between visiting Kernville CA campgrounds on a holiday weekend or a regular weekend, then you should first understand the types of crowds you’ll encounter.

On 3-day weekends, you’ll typically see lots of people, and it’ll be more crowded than a regular weekend. And if you visit the downtown area, it’ll be difficult to find parking and it can get rather noisy. However, the good news is that the crowd is almost always filled with families, and if you stay at a nearby campsite, you can bike (or even walk) to the town of Kernville. You’ll be surrounded by like minded individuals who are there to spend quality time with their loved ones.

If you’re coming by yourself or with a friend or two and your primary goal is to go mountain biking, hiking, or climbing, then we suggest camping in Kernville on a regular 2-day weekend or in the middle of the week. This way, you’ll experience fewer crowds, less noise, and an overall more relaxing environment.

Book a fully developed campground in Kernville

When camping in Kernville, you’ll want to find a fully developed campground that offers trash bins (to avoid encounters with critters and bears), bathrooms, and activities. You’ll also want to choose a campsite that is close to the water and provides plenty of shade. Kernville does experience pretty high desert temperatures, and you’ll want to be in close proximity to water throughout the day.

Ready to camp at Kern River?

Then let’s go! At Kern River’s Edge, you’ll find the best fully developed campground at Kern River. Plus, with over 40 sites to choose from and easy access to fishing, swimming, and sandy activities, there’s something for everyone at the River’s Edge campsite.

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