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Is there High-Speed Internet near Kernville. Where can I get WIFI while camping in Kern River?

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Some of our Kern River camping guests really appreciate unplugging and taking a mind and mental health break while vacationing in Kernville, CA. Others require access to high-speed internet as an essential part of every day life, and we appreciate this.

Because of our unique location in relation to towers, and, trenching through granite boulders, we do not currently offer wifi for camping guests!

There are several Kernville options which allow you to be connected to work, family, and projects while camping with us.

1) Kernville Co-Work: Visitor membership required. Use coupon code: kernriversedge to receive a special rate!

2) Big Blue Bear: Spend $5 in their coffee house and ask for the WIFI code.

3) Something Sweeter: Purchase a beverage or something yummy and they are happy to share their WiFi passcode with you. Something Sweeter is located at 11117 Kernville Road, at the corner of Sirretta Street.

We hope this information helps you in planning your camping outing with Kern River's Edge Campground Retreat.

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Recreating responsibly includes packing trash bags to leave our wild spaces cleaner than you found them. There is a glass ban in the Sequoia National Forest, so remember to use plastic storage containers, ziploc bags, or bota bags for camping gear and kitchen supplies instead of glass. Practice Leave No Trace principles and pack out what you pack in. See more Kern River camping tips.

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