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Happy National Wildflower Week, May 5-11, 2024

Updated: May 3

Celebrating all things Wildflowers this week on the Kern River. What is National Wildflower week and where can I see some Kern River wildflowers?

What is National Wildflower Week?

The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center’s National Wildflower Week is the first full week of May. It was created in 1987 to celebrate the beauty and importance of native wildflowers across the United States.

Why are wildflowers important?

Native wildflowers:

  • Provide food and shelter for wildlife

  • Play important roles in ecosystem health - food for pollinators

  • Beautify the environment

What is a wildflower?

“Wildflower” is not really a scientific term. Put simply, a wildflower is generally considered to be a wild, non-woody, flowering plant. Think lupines, primroses, and California poppies.

Ready to see some Kern River wildflowers? 

There are plenty of wildflowers to see when you get off the beaten path during National Wildflower Week here on the Kern. During your next Kern River camp out pop into our Camp Store to find out the latest information on where to see our wildflower delights near the Kern River, like on Whiskey Flat Trail or up near Corral Creek or Unal Trail. Our friends over at Kern River Sierra provide up-to-date trail information for trails around the Kern River.

Remember to pick only "digital" bouquets to chronicle the memories.


Special Camping offer for Spring - Spontaneous Campers welcome!

If you are someone that can pack up and hit the road for an adventure at the drop of a hat then we've got a special offer for you! Come visit the beauty of the Kern River this spring and enjoy 25% off your Kern River camping fee when you book two consecutive nights of camping before May 15, 2024. Camping discount automatically applied on new camping reservations for now through May 15, 2024. Reserve soon so you don't miss out on this limited time offer!



Thank you for being a Camper who Cares! Planning for success in the outdoors includes little changes like only bringing socialized pets with you.

  • You should only bring socialized animals to a campground with you. This means you shouldn’t bring an animal who constantly barks at strangers or is uncomfortable and volatile around others.

  • Pet waste bags should be walked to a central trash bin immediately. We know you have the best intentions, but you are on vacation and likely sipping on an adult beverage. If you forget to walk that bag of poop to the bin, we’ll all be smelling it. And that’s not okay.

  • Keep pets on main trails or at your site. It’s impolite to walk through someone else’s campsite or allow your pet to do so.

  • Practice California leash law — which also applies when you’re visiting Kern River’s Edge private campground.

With more and more people using enjoying and recreating in our outdoor spaces it is even more important to learn and use sustainable practices to protect our pristine and wild places. For all the first-time campers out there we hope that our tips and insights help make your first or next camping trip a memorable, treasured experience that encourages you to come back again and again.

Always practice Leave No Trace (en Español) principles and pack out what you pack in. See our park's Kern River camping etiquette tips.


Kern River Events - May 2024

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